Having the right people is a prerequisite for any organization’s success. John Galt was founded with the belief that the services offered by existing staffing and consulting providers did not consistently live up to the standards which organizations should expect in an activity which is so critical to their success. Since our founding we have helped thousands of organizations and individuals be successful by developing a clear understanding of their needs at all levels. Understanding technical requirements is necessary to this process, but in itself not sufficient. We also focus extensively on the intangibles – culture, personality, values, etc. to ensure that the right person is matched with the right organization.

This same approach has also enabled us to recruit the right people so that we can deliver this level of service to our customers. Our professional staff all share our corporate values of Excellence, The Right People, Integrity, and Discipline. Not surprisingly, our Customers tend to share these values with us as well.

What We Do

About John Galt

What We Believe

Integrity and Honesty are at the Heart of our Business.

Beyond the inherent value of integrity and honesty, we also believe that being honest is simply good business. People are our “product” and all people have both strengths and weaknesses which need to be considered. We will always present a balanced appraisal of our candidates to ensure the success of both our customers and candidates. Our expectations are that we will have long term relationships with everyone, which is not possible without a commitment to honesty and integrity.

Understanding the Value of the Individual.

The first step to having a great organization is to have the right people. Specifically, the right people for that organization – since every organization is unique. We understand that determining the right people goes beyond identifying specific knowledge and skills; and that an individual’s character, values and innate abilities are what ultimately determine success. We make an unusual effort to identify and recruit the very best person for each and every job – for our clients and ourselves.

A Commitment to Excellence.

We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we do. Inherent in this determination is continual dedication to improvement. We know even the best can always be better. When faced with the choice, we would rather be the best than be the biggest.

Discipline Differentiates Us.

We believe that to be successful, our people must be inherently disciplined in their thoughts and actions. Likewise, our organization must be disciplined in only recruiting staff that possess this trait. Our philosophy is not to administer discipline, but to consist of people for whom discipline is a key part of their character. Discipline differentiates us because to provide excellent service, there are no shortcuts – it often comes down to simply working harder to get the desired result. The dedication of our people to our company and clients and the intense effort they put into their work are greater than one finds in other organizations. This is an important part of our success.

John Galt’s vision is to establish a new standard in matching people to organizations. A standard which is fully consistent with the importance of having the right people as a prerequisite for success. We are attaining this vision by recognizing and understanding how we have already established this standard with our existing customers and leveraging that knowledge and experience so that we may offer our services to more organizations in more markets. Additionally, we realize our vision by internally recognizing the importance of the right people to the success of John Galt’s business, and by striving to make John Galt the employer of choice for industry professionals in our expanding markets.

How We Do It


Our name, John Galt, was inspired by the classic Ayn Rand novel, Atlas Shrugged.  The protagonist in the book, John Galt, was a larger than life character who was not only a skilled inventor and technologist but who also understood the value of the individual and how character and values are equally important to capabilities.  This perspective was consistent with our belief that an individuals technical skills are only a part of the total equation and that the intangibles of culture, personality, values, etc. play a critical part in an individual's ability to contribute to the success of an organization.

Our Story

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