2018 Best Place to Work Award – How Our Contractors Made it Possible

“We would like to thank our technical contractors, past, present and even future candidates for making this award possible…”

On a beautiful summer night at Boston Symphony Hall, John Galt Staffing was recently honored to receive the Boston Business Journal’s Best Places to Work award for the 3rd year in a row.  We didn’t get to give an acceptance speech, but if we did there is no other place to start expressing our gratitude than with the people outside of our walls.

 What being a Best Place to Work means for our Candidates and Contractors:

When you work with John Galt, you will collaborate with authentic people who are passionate about what they do and genuinely enthusiastic about working with you.  They don’t take the challenge of matching innovative talent with impactful projects lightly.    In fact, they relish in striving to do it better than anyone else.

In that vein, we look at the Best Place to Work award as an affirmation of a culture that encourages humility; the humility to be willing to ask you questions, to listen to you and to work as an integrated team to gain a deeper understanding of technology, companies, and individuals.

But that deeper understanding wouldn’t be possible without you!  In a world of transactional order-takers and paper-pushers, we know we’re a little different, so we thank you for being willing to invest right back into a long-term relationship with us.

Rooted in our Roots:

John Galt’s journey started out with three staffing professionals searching for a better way to serve you, our technical community.  We hired a college intern (who’s still with us 20+years later as a Tech Lead!) and squeezed ourselves into tiny office space that mostly comprised of a lobby to welcome our loyal following of contractors.

Whether we were running out into a blizzard to get you your paycheck when you couldn’t make it up our hill, or driving you to an interview because your car was in the shop, there was no end to which we wouldn’t go.

We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings.  Despite our growth, we remain rooted in the outrageous level of personalized service that defined us from our founding.  We just have more like-minded people doing it today!

So, while we appreciate the recognition of the award, we recognize there is much more we can learn . . . from other companies on the BPTW list, from our employees and from your feedback.  Therefore, we will never stop trying to rise to the challenge of being a Best Place to Work for those who are committed to excelling.  It’s the culture we’ve built in our continuous quest for that better way.

Thanks again for assisting us with your patience and openness to make our “relationship recruiting” approach possible.  We hope you continue to notice the John Galt difference.

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