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John Galt Companies
Burlington, MA

Who We Are.

Since our founding in 1997 we have committed to providing the best possible service in the markets we served. We knew that, as a service business, the only way to deliver the best service to our customers was to have the best people possible in our organization. We believed that the only way to have the best people in our organization was to be the best place for them to work. As such, our organization’s mission is to be the best place to work for those who are committed to excelling.

Our business is contributing to the success organizations and individuals by expertly matching them with one another. Our focus is on technology and we have evolved into delivering our services through our Contract Staffing practices.

What We Believe.

A Commitment to Excellence. We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we do. So when faced with the choice, we would rather be the best than the biggest.

Humility. We believe that challenges and even failures make us stronger, that working as a team brings out the best in us, and that there is always so much more to learn. While it may seem paradoxical to equate humility with confidence, we believe that being humble is necessary to building a great winning team.

Self-Determination. We are enthused and empowered by the belief that we determine our own success. And when things don’t go quite as planned, we don’t make excuses and blame outside factors. Just the opposite, positive and contagiously optimistic, we look at challenges as opportunities to demonstrate our determination and resilience.

Join Our Team.

If our mission is inspiring to you and your beliefs are consistent with ours, we should be talking! We select our people one by one and would like to have a one on one conversation with you.

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Let us know you share our vision by calling John Racho at 781-273-9995.