Bowling Night: Finding Great People is Right Up Our Alley!

Don’t just find more people, find more of the best people.      We always post this challenge to ourselves for both internal and external hires.

The John Galt team answered the challenge with tremendous success last year in finding some of the most technically-talented candidates and visionary company leaders to work with, substantially adding to our professional network of imaginative, dauntless and collaborative innovators.

We are humbled by the understanding that every resume and job given to us is a handshake of trust, thus the continuous spotlight on knowing candidates beyond their resume and clients beyond their company profile.

For the John Galt team, it’s hard work and not everyone can do it.  So it was great to celebrate their dedication with a Bowling Night at Kings, a self-described “classy bowling joint”.  The kings and queens of strikes, spares and a gutter ball or two bowled, pool-sharked and karaoked the night away.

But they’re back at it this morning, contributing feedback at our annual State of the Company meeting and a laser-focus on identifying the value of the individuals we work with.

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