20 Years Young

This month we celebrated 20 years in business! But don’t send us a birthday card. We owe you a thank you card.

We could fill this blog with pages of people to thank for a legacy of customer-service to our technical community. Let me summarize by first thanking our client customers and candidate contractors. Without you being as invested in relationships are we are, we couldn’t make this happen.

Thank you to our John Galt team, past and present. Your hard work and shared values have built a foundation for John Galt’s bright future.

And finally thank you to our valued suppliers. To paraphrase, behind every great company are great vendors. We know we have high standards and don’t apologize for it. We’re just so psyched we found you because you do too!

It was great to celebrate with many of you at the State Room overlooking Boston. Unlike what one might expect, it was not a night of reminiscing of the past 20 years, as much as it was looking forward to the next 20. We’re just getting started, because as we often remind ourselves, “Excellence is a journey, not a destination”.

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