Digging Into Dice’s Tech Salary Report for our Software Developers

Dice’s annually anticipated Software/IT Tech Salary Report is out and after some digging into the results, here are some of the highlights in regards to our specialty of Software Developers.  For a high-level summary from Dice on which cities, skills and occupations paid the most, you can also read their article here.

Overall Software Developers’ compensation is up 4.7% with an average salary of $114,336.  Demand and the ever-present need for software development are the obvious drivers with software developer positions accounting for 12% of all tech job postings in 2019.  Not surprisingly, things are moving fast with these positions taking “an average of 39 days to fill, which hints at the aggressive fight among employers for candidates with the right mix of skills and experience”, according to Dice.

Skill-wise, John Galt’s specialties of Java and C++ remain ubiquitous among software skills, with salary growth up 8.8% for Java and 9.8% for C++, outpacing overall growth.  Other common defining software skills included Python, JavaScript and SQL respectively, also in high-demand from our clients.   As usual, software developers are not a complacent type and are always interested in expanding their skillsets. The Dice Report pointed out for example “mobile developers who have spent the past decade building iOS and Android apps using Objective-C and Java are no doubt very interested in Swift (Apple’s new-ish language for iOS) and Kotlin (which Google recently named a “first class” development language for Android).”

Finally, the technologists as a whole expressed their 2020 Career Concerns with these three concerns topping the list:

1)  Position/contract elimination

2) Finding a new job that matches my skill set

3) Keeping skills up-to-date/Being valuable to employer

These factors contribute to 38% of the technologists planning to change employers in 2020.  John Galt’s Software/IT recruiters “get it” and are trained to identify the match to your skill set and because we’re embedded in a dynamic market, we are seeing what skills are on the cutting-edge.  So whether a planned or unanticipated career move is in the works for you in 2020, we’re happy to help and encourage you to apply online to start a conversation today.


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